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“William from Glotelco, has been a savior to our organization, we are a non-profit organization with limited funds and when we were having problems with our phone system he was there to solve the problem.  He came in and after a brief conversation he knew exactly what to do and explained each step in plain English not the technical terms.  He is always there when I have quick questions and always with a pleasant attitude will walk me through the process.”

Darcey D. Diaz
Supv., Human Resource Admin & Facilities
Family Service of Greater Boston

Barbara Bodell
Operations Manager, Overdrive Interactive

Glotel Communications

Boston Business Phone Systems

“I was given the task of finding a phone system to replace our failing PBX Nortel unit that we had purchased used years ago.   The search began — I called at least six vendors in hopes to ultimately be able to choose something that fit our company’s needs and was within the budget parameters.

Our company has 30 employees.  We do a lot of conference calls, working from home, needing messages immediately – I needed to be educated on what system would work for us.  Stay with PBX or go to the Cloud?

After meeting a number of sales reps -it was clear that they were trying to sell me more than I needed and using language that left me more confused.  They also were just the sales team – I would not be working with them after the sale – next would be the install team and after that the maintenance crew.  I was just a sales number.

In walks William from Glotelco.  He sat down listened to what my needs were and began to educate me on the differences between the choices that he offered.  Clear, concise and easy to understand.  No sales pitch or scare tactics.

I chose Glotelco because of William.  I liked his products, professionalism and the fact that he is the point of contact for everything.  Our phone system transition went perfectly—training was thorough and we have not had one issue since.  William updates our system remotely — saving time and money.

Overdrive went with Avaya IP Office Preferred Edition – it had the ‘call to email’ feature and ease of basic functions that seemed to fit our companies communication style.  For the conference rooms — we replaced the Polycom units with the Avaya B159 – love the record feature and the overall sound quality is much better.”

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