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Avaya IP 9608

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Avaya Digital Phones

The Avaya Ip office 500 can go any where from 4 extensions to over a 100. This makes the Avaya Ip Office a flexible system that will fit the needs of a small or large business. The System supports analog, digitasl and voip Extensions as well as analog, pri or Sip trunks.

Avaya Key Features:

Avaya Ip office 500 V2

The Avaya Voip phones have characteristics that allow us to take advantage of the latest Ip technology. We can have extensions installed in any part of the world registered to your main office, also it saves the costumer the need for additional wiring since the phone can share the same cable computers use.

Avaya IP 9611-G

  • Auto Attendant
  • Mail Boxes
  • External Call Forwarding (cell phones)
  • Voice Mail to Email
  • Intercom
  • Music On Hold
  • Paging
  • Call Center

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Avaya DM32

Glotel Communications has the expertise to meet the communication needs of your business. Avaya is the most recognized and reliable brand in the telecommunications industry. We carry a full inventory of AVAYA digital products and Voice Over IP technology. Call us today for a free estimate. 

Digtal sets are recommended for offices with existing telephone wiring and that does not require to be rewired. Almost all the features available for Voice over Ip phones are also available on the digital phones

Avaya Ip office Control Unit V2

Avaya Ip 1616

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